CodeMash 2020 This Week!

This week I’ll be at CodeMash – an amazing developer event at the Kalahari Resort in Ohio. CodeMash holds a special place in my heart; It’s the first developer conference I ever attended, the first I ever sponsored, and now I have the honor of being a speaker!

This year, I’ll be talking more about Kotlin for C# developers, and you can catch the session at 9:15 am on Thursday.

Annotation 2020-01-06 113339

If you’re looking to expand your language portfolio with something familiar yet new as a C# developer, you’re going to love this session. Learn about the Kotlin programming language side-by-side with C#, compare and contrast both languages’ amazing features and tooling and walk away with the confidence to to explore and build more with both languages and stacks.

Check out the schedule and other speakers here:

If you’re at the conference or the area, let me know! I’d love to chat.

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