Xamarin.Nuget – Coming to a Nuget Package Near You

Your voices have been heard – I’m bringing all my helpful controls and libraries to nuget!

Over the next two weeks, I will be going through each one of my projects and getting them nuget-ready. I’ll then be putting them up on nuget and announcing their individual releases here on my blog.

Here’s what you can expect to see on nuget:

So stay tuned, and if you want to contribute to any of these tools, please fork those repositories!

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11 thoughts on “Xamarin.Nuget – Coming to a Nuget Package Near You”

  1. I have used your “MaterialDatePicker” in my Xamarin Forms and faced following problems.
    1. If I select today’s date in Android, It is showing as empty. So I need to select another date and select today’s date.
    2. UWP doesn’t show up anything.
    Can you please fix these issues.


    1. I saw the issues you created on GitHub and will be working to correct them before releasing the nuget package. I appreciate you trying them out and raising concerns! I’m also open to reviewing pull requests if you want to try to implement some changes.


      1. Hi,

        Thank you for your quick reply and I am not the one who posted issue in github.

        Anyways I have tried to update the code based on pending pull request and it didn’t work in UWP. So can you please fix the above issues.



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