Xamarin iOS Expanding Splash View NuGet Announcement!

Here’s another fun NuGet package I’ve put up for everyone: The ExpandingSplashView is a Xamarin.iOS Binding implementation of the CBZSplashView from CallumBoddy on GitHub: https://github.com/callumboddy/CBZSplashView

It allows you to create a quick expanding view and add it to any ViewController very easily. It also allows for you to create the expanding view from either a rasterized image such as a png icon, or from a vector icon using a UIBezierPath.

Here’s the NuGet Package: https://www.nuget.org/packages/ExpandingSplashView

And the GitHub project for the binding and NuGet: https://github.com/SuavePirate/ExpandingSplashView
Be sure to read the documentation either below here or on the GitHub project!



A Xamarin.iOS implementation of the popular iOS control CBZSplashView from @callumboddy

Credit where credit is due (I just spent a couple hours fighting with the binding libraries, but @callumboddy did the real work): https://github.com/callumboddy/CBZSplashView


You can either clone the repository and reference the CBZSplashView project, or you can now use NuGet!

Install-Package ExpandingSplashView



This can be used on any view, but is best suited for covering an entire UIViewController. Simply create either a CBZSplashViewCBZRasterSplashView, or CBZVectorSplashView via their constructors or the static initializer within the CBZSplashView:

var splashView = new CBZRasterSplashView(someUIImage, someUIColor);

Then add the splashview to your View:


Then start your animation whenever you want:


Here’s an entire ViewController class example:

using System;

using UIKit;
using CBZSplashView;

namespace Example
    public partial class ViewController : UIViewController
        private CBZSplashView.CBZSplashView _splashView;
        protected ViewController(IntPtr handle) : base(handle)

        public override void ViewDidLoad()

            var icon = UIImage.FromFile("snapchatIcon.png");

            _splashView = new CBZSplashView.CBZRasterSplashView(icon, UIColor.Yellow);



        public override void ViewDidAppear(bool animated)

            if (_splashView != null)

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