Xamarin.Forms MarkdownTextView NuGet Announcement!

A while back I talked about building your own Markdown Label / TextView to your Xamarin applications including Xamarin Native and Xamarin Forms. I decided to put the control I’ve been working off of over on NuGet so anyone can use its basic form.

Note that this control isn’t final, I am working on some refactoring and enhancements, but if you want something that just works, then give it a shot, or contribute to the repository!

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Down below you can find the documentation as it’s found on the GitHub repo!


alt tag

A Xamarin.Forms component to display markdown text in a TextView


Now on NuGet!

Install-Package MarkdownTextView.Forms



  • Call Init before calling Xamarin.Forms.Init()
  • iOS: SPControls.MarkdownTextView.iOS.MarkdownTextView.Init();
  • Android: SPControls.MarkdownTextView.Droid.MarkdownTextView.Init();
  • Use the control
  • In Xaml:
<ContentPage ...
  <spcontrols:MarkdownTextView Markdown="{Binding MarkdownString}" />
  • or in C#:
var mdTextView = new MarkdownTextView();
mdTextView.Markdown = "# this is my *header* tag";


  • Add other properties for updating markdown settings
  • Add text color settings
  • Add UWP Support

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