New Pluralsight Android Skill IQ Tests

I recently worked with Pluralsight ( to help produce 2 brand spankin’ new Skill IQ Tests! Test your skills and knowledge of Android development, Android Studio, Kotlin and more!

Android Tooling Skill Assessment

The first is Android Tooling! You can test your knowledge of:

  • Android Studio – Analyze
  • Android Studio – Basics
  • Android Studio – Build
  • Android Studio – Code Manipulation
  • Android Studio – File Structure
  • Android Studio – Run
  • Android Studio – Settings
  • Android Studio – Tools
  • Android Studio – Version Control
  • Gradle

Although this exam is still in Beta (as of writing this post), you can still take the exam and I encourage you to as well! Pluralsight does some really cool work to calibrate the curve of the skill assessment so give it a go and let me know how you do 🙂

Take it here: 

Kotlin: Enhancing App Experience

The second skill assessment is for you Kotlin lovers like me and dives into some deeper knowledge of building better Android apps with Kotlin!

Kotlin is an open-source JVM language created by JetBrains. It is one of the most popular languages used in Android development.

The assessment may cover:

  • Activities
  • Enhanced System Integration
  • Threading and Background Work
  • User Interface and Experience

This assessment is also still in Beta, but be sure to try this one out and see if your Kotlin skills are up to snuff.

Check Out My Course!

Oh wow how topical and convenient! Be sure to check out my course on Building Android Apps with Kotlin: Getting Started to learn a lot about the fundamentals of both the Kotlin language and Android development as a whole! I assure it will help drive that Skill IQ Up for both of these assessments 🙂 

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