Video – Kotlin for C# Developers at NDC Oslo

In June, I had the amazing privilege of giving a talk at NDC Oslo called “Kotlin for C# Developers”! Lucky for you, NDC records all of their sessions, so you can check out the recording from YouTube right here 🙂

Dive into the latest craze in languages and platforms – Kotlin. This time we will be looking at it from the perspective of a .NET C# developer, draw comparisons between the languages, and bridge the gap between these 2 amazing languages.

We’ll look at:
– Kotlin as a language
– Platforms Kotlin is great for
– Object Oriented Implementations in Kotlin
– Extended Features
– Features Kotlin has that C# doesn’t
– A demo Android application in Kotlin vs a Xamarin.Android app in C#

In the end you will leave with a foundational knowledge of Kotlin and its capabilities to build awesome apps with less code. You should feel comfortable comparing C# applications to Kotlin applications and know where to find resources to learn even more!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, and check out my other content on Kotlin here:

Want to see this live? I’ll be giving an updated version of this talk at Techorama Netherlands in September/October along with an introduction to the Flux design pattern in C#.

Check those out here:

If you prefer to just jump right into a language / platform – I would happily suggest my Pluralsight course – Building Android Apps with Kotlin: Getting Started. Take a look here:



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